Synergy 2 Residential Complex

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Irpin, Mechnikova St, 112a, 112b, 118, Novooskolska St, 2t, 2p, 2p

Built in 2016 

Before war

Built: 7 houses, 686 apartments, 38.7 thousand square meters of housing.
There are 1715 inhabitants.

A new residential district was formed around the residential complex. It has a very developed infrastructure and has everything you need for life. There are several playgrounds and various educational classes for children in the complex.
There are green parks next to the residential complex. One of them is Mama Park, which was opened in 2021 for walks with baby carriages, pets and the evening promenade.
The residents of the complex have formed a real friendly community: children and adults make friends, help each other, relax. In the evening you can hear jazz in the open air, and in winter you can meet 500 children in the yard to celebrate St. Nicholas Day.
The highlight of the residential complex landscaping are green hills and flowering exotic trees.

After the invasion

Damaged: roofs, apartment doors and entrance groups, playgrounds and landscaping.
Broken windows in apartments, and walls in some apartments.
Large destruction of the houses facades.
Businesses have broken windows, doors and destruction inside.

Cost of restoration: 570099 EUR