Synergy 1 Residential Complex

Irpin, Mechnikova St, 101-B

Built in 2014 

Before war

Built: 1 house, 50 apartments, 2.8 thousand square meters of housing. There are 125 inhabitants. There are offices on the first floors of the complex. The house is built in a developed area of the city, close to all necessary infrastructure. The uniqueness of this place is a particularly old 600-year-old oak tree that grows under the windows of the house. It is a botanical natural monument called "Oak Pradub". At a height of 1.3 m, the oak has a trunk of 5.9 m in coverage. A tree height of 30 m. There is a playground in the yard. The area around the complex is always well-groomed. Here are planted flowers, shrubs, spruces.

After the invasion

Damaged: roof, apartment doors and entrance groups, landscaping. Broken: windows in apartments and offices, office doors on the first floor. Significant destruction of the house facade. There are burned apartments.

Cost of restoration: 100605 EUR