Irpin is one of the most picturesque and legendary cities in the Kyiv region. For its rich artistic heritage, it is called the Ukrainian Parnassus, and for its powerful and rapid development in recent years – the Ukrainian miracle.

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The NGO "Irpіn Recovery Fund" was founded in 2022 to attract funding for the restoration of irpen's social and housing infrastructure, which were destroyed as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Founders of the PUBLIC ORGANIZATION "Irpіn Recovery Fund":

  • Oleksandr Markushyn, Irpin city mayor
  • Serhiy Taruta, People's Deputy of Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Karpliuk, Chairman of the Irpen Investment Council, Irpin Mayor 2014-2018.

The purpose of the NGO "Irpіn Recovery Fund" is to increase social infrastructure, multi-storey blocks of flats and private housing area, destroyed or damaged during the war in Irpin.

The mission of the NGO "Irpen Recovery Fund" is to impartially inform the world public about the consequences of Ukraine’s infrastructure destruction and the search for partners in other countries to restore the city.

Due to this mission, the NGO "Irpin Recovery Fund" together with the Irpin Investment Council created an information resource IRPIN HELP www.IprinHelp.com, which published a general presentation of the destruction in Irpin, a presentation of each social and housing infrastructuredestruction, recovery estimates and information on the involvement of international partners in the reconstruction of the city.

The war in Ukraine began on February 24. Within three days, the enemy planned to seize Kiev, but Irpin stopped the invaders at the cost of destroying 70% of the city’s infrastructure.We stopped the enemy; Irpin received the status of a hero city. Now we are faced with the task of rebuilding social infrastructure facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports and cultural facilities); reconstruction of multi-storey and private buildings.That is why we have created a public organization “Irpin Recovery Fund” and today we appeal to the international community with a request for assistance in the reconstruction of the hero-city of Irpin.Olexandr Markushyn Irpin city mayor

At the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the city of Irpin became a fortress of Kiev. At the cost of lives and shocking destruction, it kept the invaders on the approaches to the capital. Russian invaders brutally mutilated a green, cozy, comfortable city. Today, the torn but unconquered Irpin needs the help of the international community – for restoration and reconstruction.

Together with the mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn and the chairman of the Irpin Investment Council Volodymyr Karpliuk, we founded the public organization “Irpin Recovery Fund”.

Each donor contribution is a contribution to the revival of life in Irpin: assistance to affected residents who were left homeless, restoration of destroyed schools, hospitals, and crucial social infrastructure facilities.

Serhii Taruta

Honorary President of the Irpin Restoration Fund

Industrialist, People’s Deputy of Ukraine

Before the outbreak of hostilities in Irpin, this city became an example of revival for the whole of Ukraine and occupied the first positions in many ratings of living comfort, doing business and investment attractiveness.

In just 6 years, the city has changed positively. We reconstructed the children’s clinic and began to build a modern medical center, opened new outpatient clinics of family medicine, kindergartens, 12 parks, squares, embankment with bicycle paths, updated the Central Square, completely updated the water supply system according to European standards.

But Irpin suffered significant damage as a result of hostilities. After the liberation of our city, we invited representatives of the architectural community to unite to rebuild our beautiful hero city of Irpin.

Within a month, we received dozens of visions or Irpin reconstruction from volunteers. And it will be the second defeat of the Russian occupiers, who must realize that, the Ukrainians and the Irpinians not only do not give up, but also unite for reconstruction by joint efforts with international partners.

We have created a public organization “Irpin Recovery Fund” and together with international partners we will make every effort to rebuild our city.

Volodymyr Karpliuk Executive Director of the Irpin Recovery Fund

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Irpin reconstruction summit is the first event in Ukraine during Russia's war against Ukraine, organized by volunteers, aimed at the systematic sustainable reconstruction of Ukrainian cities, now the city of Irpin.

The project is implemented by the NGO "Irpin Recovery Fund" on the initiative of the Chairman of the Investment Council Irpin Volodymyr Karpliuk.

The objectives of the project are the reconstruction of the city of Irpin in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and attracting investment from the Countries of the European Union and international funds.

The project brought together more than 200 specialists in various fields: architects, designers, urban planners, fundraisers, translators, designers. They have joined groups to develop sustainable solutions to restore the city's critical social infrastructure in partnership with international institutions.

Within the framework of the project:
The work of 200 volunteers was organized, who created sketch projects for the reconstruction of cities, prepared visualizations, statistics on the needs and destruction after the invasion of the Russian army, prepared the estimated cost of rebuilding social infrastructure facilities.
Hundreds of international meetings were held with experts on urban reconstruction and a number of international events in Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, the USA, Poland and other countries.

We are currently working in two areas:
Anti-crisis direction: involves the planning of estimates for the rapid reconstruction of Irpin. Search for critical urgent funding for the functioning of the city in a sustainable mode, namely a resource for launching schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics, reconstruction of roofs of houses.
Direction of strategic reconstruction: involves planning the Strategy for the post-war reconstruction of Irpin, preparing a master plan, new sketch projects for the development of Irpin architecture with the participation of local and international experts.
NGO "Irpin Recovery Fund" invites you to the team of specialists in strategic planning of cities, urbanists, architects, fundraisers, financiers, estimators, engineers, project managers, members to the advisory board. Write to us [email protected]

Valeriy KharchyshynUkrainian rock musician, soloist of the band “Druha Rika”
Oleksandr PONOMAREVPeople’s Artist of UkraineSinger, Composer, Producer“Golden Voice of Ukraine”
Kolya SERGAsinger, poet, presenter
Bumper and SusSimple YouTube guys
Alexey SurovtsevChoreographer, popular actor of the series “Trace” of STB TV channel, volunteer and founder of an animal shelter in Irpen
Serhiy ZhadanUkrainian writer, translator, public figure, frontman of the bands “Zhadan and the Dogs” and “Mannerheim Line”. Author of the novels “Depeche Mode”, “Voroshilovgrad”, “Mesopotamia”, “Boarding School”, poetry collections “Quote book”, “Ethiopia”, “Life of Mary”, “Templars”, “Antenna”, “List of ships” and others.
Olya TsibulskaUkrainian singer

Irpin Recovery Office
Ukraine, 08205, Kyiv region, Irpin city, st. Aliyeva Z, house 66/1, room 11

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+38 (096) 02 08 043

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