OSBB Admiralske

Irpin, Gostomel highway, 22

Built in  

Before war

A residential multi-apartment 4-story building
with an attic and a basement floor.
35 families lived there, among them 70% - young
families with children, immigrants from the East
who lost their homes for the second time, families
of combatants, elderly and disabled people,
disabled children.

After the invasion

The load-bearing and enclosing structures of the
attic floor were damaged. There is no roof at all.
On the 4th floor in adjacent apartments №26 and
№27 there are cracks of 1-2 mm on the walls.
Complete burnout of apartments No. 29-35, on
the 1st floor in apartments №2 and №3 in the
partitions there are diagonal and horizontal cracks
due to the deformation of the floor slabs, loss
of bearing capacity in the basement floor slabs.
Damaged interior decoration of apartments.
Partial destruction of ventilation channels;
damage to the window blocks of all facade walls,
there are practically no window blocks, significant
destruction of engineering networks, complete
destruction of engineering networks on the attic

Cost of restoration: 270000 EUR