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Conservation of a part of the Central House of Culture has been completed in Irpin

Preserving the entrance part of the destroyed Central House of Culture for the winter was finished in Irpin. This information was reported by the head of the Department of Culture, Nationalities and Religions of Irpin City Council Yevhenia Antoniuk on her Facebook page.

“We have finished preserving the part of the Central House of Culture, which survived, although all of it was almost burned down during an unsuccessful attempt to establish the “Russian world” in March 2022,” she said.

According to her, “the conservation measures would not have been possible without the Irpin Restoration Fund, Volodymyr Karplyuk and Oleksandr Markushyn, the Irpin Housing and Communal Services Department and other city services.”

“I am grateful to everyone who does not stop for a minute in search of investments for the restoration of Irpin, ravaged by orcs. Every day and every hour, work continues to preserve or restore the infrastructure of the city, housing of our residents, educational, medical and cultural facilities. And maybe sometimes it seems to someone that it is not so, but believe me – the work and the search for funds and opportunities for their financing continue around the clock, and we will definitely rebuild everything even better,” added Yevheniia Antoniuk.