Smihun Family House

Irpin, Str. Natana Rybaka 6b, Apartment 3.

Built in 2012 

Before war

The young Smihun family lived in the house: husband Oleksand with his wife Katerina, along with Katerina's sister, student Anastasia.

After the invasion

A house with a total area of 74 square meters in the city of Irpin. The dream home was a cozy nest for the family, always full of guests and neighbors. Here, the couple planned their future family life. After the invasion of Russian forces, they were forced to leave their home, and when they had the opportunity to return to Irpin, the house was no longer there. As a result of enemy shelling, the house was completely destroyed, leaving only the foundation. Katerina is a doctor; she has always helped and continues to help people, but now her family needs help. They require any assistance in rebuilding their home.

Cost of restoration: EUR