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Molodist Investment Group Donates Bricks to Irpin Recovery Fund (video)

The Irpin Recovery Fund received another batch of building materials to restore the objects damaged by the Rashists. Nowadays, 22 tons of bricks were donated to the community by “Vash Fundament”/ “Your Foundation”.

Dmytro Pedchenko, co-owner of “Vash Fundament”/“Your Foundation”: “This is a drop in the sea. We understand it, but we help as we can. If every business currently operating in Irpin helped the city, it would be very wonderful. Not necessarily a truck – you can bring two or three pallets of bricks or a gas blocks to help people.”

Those patrons who want to purchase building materials for the needs of the city, the company “Your Foundation” is ready to sell building materials at the lowest prices.

Dmytro Savchuk, co-owner of “Vash Fundament”/“Your Foundation”: “Brick, cement, floor slabs, etc., Our company can sell building materials. We are ready to help –to sell everything at the lowest prices for the city to make it easier for them.”

The delivered bricks will be used according to the submitted applications for damage repairs in 14 apartment buildings.

Oleksiy Zinkevych, Deputy Director of the UZHKG “Irpin“: “It will go to the restoration of ventilation ducts on the roofs and, first of all, on the broken outer walls in residential buildings.”