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Ірпінь – одне з найбільш мальовничих і легендарних міст Київщини. За багату мистецьку спадщину його називають Українським Парнасом, а за потужний і стрімкий розвиток протягом останніх років – Українським дивом.

At the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the city of Irpin became a fortress of Kiev. At the cost of lives and shocking destruction, it kept the invaders on the approaches to the capital. Russian invaders brutally mutilated a green, cozy, comfortable city. Today, the torn but unconquered Irpin needs the help of the international community – for restoration and reconstruction.

Together with the mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn and the chairman of the Irpin Investment Council Volodymyr Karpliuk, we founded the public organization “Irpin Recovery Fund”.

Each donor contribution is a contribution to the revival of life in Irpin: assistance to affected residents who were left homeless, restoration of destroyed schools, hospitals, and crucial social infrastructure facilities.

Serhii Taruta

Honorary President of the Foundation of Irpin Restoration

Industrialist, People’s Deputy of Ukraine