Ірпінь – одне з найбільш мальовничих і легендарних міст Київщини. За багату мистецьку спадщину його називають Українським Парнасом, а за потужний і стрімкий розвиток протягом останніх років – Українським дивом.

The war in Ukraine began on February 24. Within three days, the enemy planned to seize Kiev, but Irpin stopped the invaders at the cost of destroying 70% of the city’s infrastructure.

We stopped the enemy; Irpin received the status of a hero city. Now we are faced with the task of rebuilding social infrastructure facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports and cultural facilities); reconstruction of multi-storey and private buildings.

That is why we have created a public organization “Irpin Recovery Fund” and today we appeal to the international community with a request for assistance in the reconstruction of the hero-city of Irpin.

Olexandr Markushyn
Irpin city mayor