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Tolokers and the Irpin Reconstruction Fund help the Shadurski family to repair temporary housing

An old amphora is the only thing that survived in this house on Severynivska Street in Irpin. Before the war, the Shadurski family lived here. Now there are only burnt walls.

Antonina Shadurska, a resident of Irpin: “It happened around March 17. It burned here for almost three days.”

The Shadurski evacuated from Irpin on March 5. They returned a month later. A terrible picture awaited them at home: a destroyed family nest, damaged cars and a summer house in the yard. Everything was black. And only colorful tulips were poking from under the rubble. The woman says that it was a sign for her and her husband that they cannot give up. And they started looking for help from volunteers.

Antonina Shadurska: “Thank you very much – I want to say to the volunteers of Dobrobat, who gave us hope that we will be able to restore our housing, our house, our summer kitchen.”

After the volunteers cleared the area of debris, the family decided to rebuild the summer house. This is how it looked back in April. And now it is like that.

Currently, the interior works are underway. Volunteers are leveling and plastering the walls. The materials for the works were provided by the Irpin Reconstruction Fund. Deputy from the district Antonina Dovhanych joined the organization of the works.

Antonina Dovhanych, deputy of the Irpin City Council: “It is very difficult to be a deputy in such a difficult time of war. It is very difficult to restore Irpin when there is no light, it is also very difficult to restore it when there are no materials and there are no such wonderful boys and girls who agree to help us. Therefore, my appeal to the people who help us: thank you very much! Those who are willing – join us! This is the Irpin Reconstruction Fund. We really work.”

With the support of the Irpin Reconstruction Fund, Tolokers are repairing the third object in the city. And in general, for the fifth month, young girls and boys don’t get tired of spending their weekends on free help for the affected families, because they believe that this is their front.

Oksana, volunteer: “We will help as much as our people and our country need it. It inspires us; we never get tired of it. This is our front, we feel that this is our task, and we have to do it.”

Antonina Shadurska: “We hope that with their help we will finish our construction as soon as possible, restore temporary housing and start rebuilding our house. With the help of good people, bright hopes.”