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Karpliuk reported on the involvement of building materials for the repair of houses by the Irpin Restoration Fund

Co founder of the Irpin Restoration Fund, chairman of the Investment Council of the city Volodymyr Karpliuk reported on the results of the Fund’s work in September to attract building materials for the urgent restoration of housing and social infrastructure of the Irpin community.

“On September 20, the «Molodist» Investment Group provided bricks to the Irpin Reconstruction Fund, which immediately delivered them for the reconstruction of the Kolibri kindergarten and the Yesenin housing complex.” On September 23, the company “Vash Fundament/Your Foundation” handed over 7,280 units of bricks, which the Fund sent to the AHCS “Irpin” for the restoration of multi-story residential buildings that are under the service of the AHCS “Irpin” – according to the application submitted by them to the Fund. Also, on September 23, the company “Ministry of Doors” handed over 86 doors to the Foundation, which were given to the following houses in Irpin: str. Turhenivska, 16B – 2 pcs.; St. Z. Alievoi, 92 – 1 pc.; prov. Garden, 1D – 4 pcs.; St. Myru, 3B – 12 pcs.; St. Turhenivska, 50/2 – 1 unit, and to the village of Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka of the Irpin community (38 units for private houses). Another 28 doors will be distributed according to the applications which will be received by the Irpin Reconstruction Fund,” Karpliuk said on his Facebook page.

He noted that “currently, applications for construction materials from residents (management companies, condominiums, etc.) of 62 multi-storey and 2 private houses have been submitted to the Fund.”

“According to these 64 applications, Epicenter K calculated the cost of building materials, and the owners of the company settled for providing the maximum discount for the Fund, considering that building materials are needed to restore housing in Irpin. If they do not take into account exchange rate fluctuations, this amount as of today already exceeds UAH 140 million,” said the co-founder of the Irpin Recovery Fund and called on the regional and state leadership, as well as building materials manufacturers, to help Irpin residents who “enter the winter without a roof over their heads.”

“We also call on everyone to support the restoration of Irpin, so that we can provide construction materials at the request of residents, condominiums, AHCS “Irpin” and management companies,” emphasized Volodymyr Karpliuk.

The Irpin Reconstruction Fund, co-founded by Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn and people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Taruta, has provided contact information for all those willing to help in the reconstruction of the city.