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Oleksiy Surovtsev, the ambassador of the Irpin Reconstraction Fund, showed how he saved animals in the Kherson region

Actor, animal rights activist and media ambassador of the Irpin Reconstraction Fund Oleksiy Surovtsev told and showed how he saved animals in the Kherson region. Together with the team, they visited the front-line village of Fedorivka. Surovtsev posted a poignant video on his Instagram page.

Oleksiy Surovtsev explained that there were enough volunteers and a queue of boats in Kherson. While the residents of Fedorivka also needed help.

“The residents of Fedorivka really needed our help, because everyone forgot that there are many flooded villages with the same people and animals. We brought almost 3 tons of humanitarian aid, which we collected thanks to you. It was difficult to find the animals, but we still managed to catch the frightened tails, left to their own devices, – said Surovtsev.

Oleksiy told who managed to save several dogs, cats, a hedgehog that was holding on to a fence in the water, as well as a couple of exhausted white nutria. The actor took to his shelter, which he opened after the beginning of the Russian invasion, seven cats in the most difficult condition. The rest were transferred to local shelters.

We will remind, during the hostilities in Irpin Oleksiy Surovtsev evacuated more than two hundred pets from the city. Sometimes he had to break down doors and walls to save abandoned cats, dogs, turtles, parrots, pigeons, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Among his wards was even an axolotl – a “water monster” that lives in an aquarium.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau visited Irpin

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to see firsthand the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Irpin. Mayor Irpin Olexander Markushyn told him about the city’s defense and remembered the first battle with the enemy.

Irpin was visited by the President of the Storting of the Kingdom of Norway, Masud Garakhani

The hero city of Irpin was visited by a Norwegian delegation led by the Speaker of the Parliament, Masud Garakhani. Near the destroyed residential complex “Irpinski lipky” on the 11th Avenue, the mayor of Irpin, Oleksander Markushyn, told the guests about the heroic defense of the city against the rashists and about today’s community. Masoud Garakhani promised to support Ukraine until it wins.

Irpin Bucha Gostomel before the war

In this video, how I saw these places from a drone, for what I love them and because of what I am so painful now.. Part of my family, like thousands of other people, was forced to leave their home, but I hope that the time will come when everyone will return and we will rebuild everything.

The lead singer of the U2 band Bono visited a destroyed Irpin

Irpin was visited by the world-famous Irish singer, lead singer of the U2 band and public figure Bono (Paul David Hewson). Bono came to see Russia’s war crimes with his own eyes.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda visited Irpin

On the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, the President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda visited Irpen. He got acquainted with the destroyed objects of Irpen and promised to contribute to the reconstruction of the city as soon as possible.

Irpin was visited by the First Ladies of Lithuania and Latvia

The First Ladies of Latvia and Lithuania Andra Levite and Diana Nauseda visited Irpen. They visited the “Irpinski Lypky” destroyed by rocket and bomb attacks, and also visited the Irpin Central Hospital in Bucha.

A Swedish delegation visited Irpin

How is Irpin recovering after the Russian terrorists? How many people have returned to the town and where do they live? What’s the current economic situation? – these and other questions were asked by the Swedish Deputy Ambassador Maria Lindgren-Saltanova during her visit to Irpin today. What impression the town made on Ms Maria and what kind of support from the Swedish side the citizens of Irpin can count on – see in the ITV report

Volodymyr Zelenskyi gave a presidential lesson for the first graders of Irpin

The Day of Knowledge for the first graders of School No1 in Irpin began with a presidential lesson. Volodymyr Zelensky visited this school. He chatted with young pupils and teachers, and learned about the conditions of children’s education.

Irpin School N17 welcomed the first graders after the great restoration

today, 220 first graders sat down at the desks of the restored classes of Irpin School No. 17. This educational institution was damaged during the hostilities in March, but before the start of the new school year it was not only restored but also equipped with everything necessary for safe training in the conditions of war. For more information, see the ITV report.